The Weather is here and I’m at Watkins Park

Watkins Park Sign

The weather has certainly been great and if you know me, you know I love being outside and I love cardio! It has been such a treat to trade the treadmill in the basement for the great outdoors at Watkins Park in Mount Airy.  Watkins is a beautiful park that you can do so many things at.

It has the Richard Allen Wilson walking path which circles the entire perimeter of the park. 

One Mile Measured Walking Path

Unlike my treadmill, I enjoy the fresh air, smell of the honeysuckles, listening to the birds. I love the winding path with gentle rolling hills. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy any part of the day.

Watkins Skate Park

Watkins is probably most popular and familiar among most as the local skate park .  With quite an arrangement of ramps and half pipes it’s a very popular place for many of the Mount Airy youth.  While the rest of the park is free, there is a charge for the skate park to maintain the ramps. You can pay as you go or if you’re a regular skater, there is the option of the season pass.  My own kids have spent their share of time here throughout the years!   

Watkins Playground

No one is left out here at this well-rounded community park.  The younger kids can enjoy quite a little playground and you can even reserve a pavilion and spend the day entertaining a large party here.  They’ve got a huge pavilion and several small ones for the family sized groups.

Last but not least…Watkins Park is home to Carroll County’s only Dog Park.  A nice recent edition.  So when I say no one is left out, I truly mean no one!! For more information about the park, permits for the pavilions or practice fields or how to get a pass for the skate park click here

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